Housewarming Party.

Hi and Welcome to the House in my Heart.

Here I would like to share the wisdom that I have gathered from others and the insights I have had myself.   It is meant to be a guide to the path I took, for better or worse.  What you do with it, is up to you.

Housewarming Party - Door to my heart
Door to my heart

I would like to invite you into my heart for a cup of tea or – time zone depending – a glass of wine.  Since this is your first visit, let me take you on a tour.


As is quite common in my culture (and a few others I suspect) we start in the kitchen.  Here we can sit and drink endless cups of preferred beverage while exchanging fool proof recipes, tips and tricks on entertaining and making the perfect martini or wine to go with fish.  (The answer is, as always, lots of wine.)


The bathroom is the next door on your left.  It is an organized clutter of beauty products and services I have tried – or want to try.  You might even find some links on how to make your own products.


On your right we have the bedroom.  This room is all about being sensual and sexy and a goddess in and out of bed.

Just a few steps more and we are in the living room.  Here we can talk about life, woes, wisdom and all that jazz.

Over here is the garden.  This is where we can share some insight into quiet time and some spiritual food for thought.

And lastly, the stoep (porch) is over here.  This is where I sit and talk to all the fascinating people in my life to get glimpses into the paths that they have taken to where they are now.

Welcome to my house.  I hope you enjoy your stay.